Health Benefits for Pets

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Inflammation may be the root cause of many diseases and health problems found in our pets. 

Turmeric works well as a natural anti-inflammatory. Turmeric Golden Paste is helpful in treating your pet for pain relief, whilst preventing and fighting inflammatory disorders and diseases. 

Turmeric is a mighty antioxidant. Turmeric Golden Paste can slow down aging and possibly even increase the lifespan of your pet by reducing damage caused by free radicals. 

Turmeric Golden Paste can be used daily as an excellent disease preventative and disease curative supplement. 

Turmeric Golden Paste can be used for pets of all ages and sizes. Guinea pigs, reptiles, rabbits, birds, cats, dogs and horses. See Dosages for Pets. 


Aids the Immune System: Helps to fight, prevent and shorten infections caused by viruses and bacteria like canine coughs and pneumonia. 

Skin Disorders; It can help with various skin conditions caused by yeast, bacteria and fungal infections like skin allergies in dogs and Sweet Itch in horses. 

Arthritis; Powerful ant-inflammatory assistant and has great results in alleviating pain and aiding movement in arthritic cats, dogs and horses. 

Cancers; May help in preventing and treating cancer cells like melanoma and sarcomas 

Dementia; Helps slow age degeneration 

Gastrointestinal Diseases; Reduces inflammation and helps with diarrhea and cramping 

Uveitis; Helps suppress harmful eye inflammation 

Liver Disorders; Powerful liver detoxifier 

Laminitis; Good results in treating horses with inflammation and pain. Increases hoof regeneration. 

Greasy Heel; Helps increase health and thickness of skin in horses to decrease risk of infection


Supports total body health and wellbeing for your best friend!
                                          Turmeric Golden Paste for a Happy Healthy Dog


For loads of information about the power of Turmeric and for guidance and advice for your pets, join the Turmeric User Group with over 278 000 members.