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About Golden Turmeric in New Zealand and their world-famous Doctor Doug English formula and Turmeric Golden Paste Product for both humans and animals. Best Turmeric supplement for the best price.


About Golden Turmeric

The world famous Turmeric "Golden Paste" was formulated by Doctor Doug English, an Australian veterinarian. Through years of research and development, he discovered the incredible healing properties and benefits of Turmeric, on his animal patients. There is no placebo effect with animals so we know it really does work.

After years of extensive research, he developed the "Golden Paste" formulae to maximise absorption and effect. He discovered that in order for Turmeric to be really effective, it must be in the right ratios and processed correctly. Cooking with water, adding freshly ground pepper and taken with a healthy fat is a must for proper gut absorption and bio-availability. That is why so many other supplements and pills available are ineffectual.

Golden Paste has been used extensively worldwide with hundreds of thousands of users and numerous inspiring accounts for people and pets. 

Golden Turmeric Ltd has taken the traditional and proven Golden Paste recipe, added some extra beneficial ingredients and produced it into an easy to use, ready made paste. We are a proudly New Zealand company, manufacturing at our Auckland food standards certified facility and using only the finest, mostly organic ingredients.   

According to NIH and WebMD, Turmeric can help with arthritis, diarrhea, loss of appetite, heartburn, intestinal gas, jaundice, gall bladder disorders, stomach pain, stomach bloating, liver problems, headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fibromyalgia, leprosy, fever, menstrual problems, cancer, depression, Alzheimer's, water retention, worms and kidney problems. 

If you’re looking to regulate your metabolism, reduce inflammation, boost your immunity, promote digestive health, increase your memory function, or even combat pre-cancerous cells, then Turmeric Golden Paste is the right Superfood supplement for you!

We endeavor to bring you all the incredible benefits Turmeric Golden Paste has to offer. Using only the highest quality ingredients, conveniently ready made and at the best price.

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