What Is Golden Paste?

You may have heard of the amazing health properties of Turmeric but what you may not know is that Turmeric taken by itself may not be the most effective way of consuming. And that is what amazing Golden Paste is – a proven recipe to ensure maximum absorption to reap all the benefits and health properties that Turmeric has to offer.  

Golden Paste is a combination of Turmeric, a healthy fat and Pepper. It is slowly cooked to form a paste. This paste is easily taken straight off a teaspoon or added to smoothies, your favourite dishes like curries and stews or added to your choice of warmed milk to make “Golden Milk”. Turmeric Golden Paste has a few extra healthy ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger or Ceylon Cinnamon and best of all it is already conveniently made, so no cooking, fuss or mess.

Turmeric Golden Paste has many proven health benefits. It is antimicrobial and helps with skin repair, healing and skin allergies. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and really aids conditions like arthritis. It is a strong antioxidant and helps prevent healthy cells from DNA damage and therefore assist in preventing Cancer cells from developing. These properties also help with conditions like Heart Disease, Liver problems, Brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and is a great Immune Booster. But Turmeric Golden Paste is not just great for humans but also for all your pets.  

Golden Paste was first formulated by an Australian vet named Dr Doug English. He has spent many years researching and implementing the powerful healing properties of Turmeric on his animal patients. As there can be no placebo effect when it comes to animals, he knew he was onto a winner. He found that it not only heals but also prevents illness due to its powerful anti- inflammatory properties.

Doctor Doug English researched and experimented with different techniques and recipes to gain the maximum Turmeric absorption. The active compounds of Turmeric like Curcuminoids are not easily absorbed by the body without assistance.

Turmeric is not water-soluble and cannot be absorbed via the same pathways as water -based foods. By combining with a healthy fat like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it dissolves the Turmeric in the stomach to allow the body to absorb the active compounds. Turmeric without oil is ineffective.

Piperine found in Black Pepper slows the conversion of Curcumin in the small intestine, allowing more time for absorption and therefore a far larger uptake. Turmeric without Piperine will not stay in the gut long and so won’t have a high absorption rate. The Golden Paste recipe includes adding freshly ground pepper at the end process of cooking to ensure maximum Piperene.

Turmeric needs to be heated with water. Studies show that cooking Turmeric in water breaks down the starches and therefore increases its solubility in water before the digestion process so more active ingredients are absorbed that raw or powdered Turmeric.

In summary Turmeric Golden Paste is the best way to consume Turmeric to get the maximum health benefits. It is also the most effective method to ensure bio-availability and absorption of all compounds and curcuminoids found in Turmeric. Our Turmeric Golden Paste has been formulated using an organic Turmeric with the highest Curcumin content of 5.1%. It also contains the added health benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother and Organic Ginger for the human paste and Ceylon Cinnamon in our pet paste. It is also a very cost-effective method of obtaining the nutritional benefits of Turmeric compared to all the expensive tablets/capsules available in the marketplace.        

Turmeric Golden Paste - The Root To Health!